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Bristol Harbour Village Association
Assessment Payments

Kenrick Corporation

1. USPS Mail: Just place your check and payment coupon in the envelope provided, affix appropriate postage and place in the mail. Please mail prior to the due date allowing 7-10 business days for payment to be received at the bank PO box. Make check payable to the association that you live in. Mailing address for coupons is PO Box 97396 Las Vegas, NV 89193-7396

2. Electronic Payment: Once you receive your coupon book, go to and click Make Association Payment. You will set up your account here with Alliance Association Bank. This is the best option because you are in control –

  • You choose the payment date

  • You set up one-time payment or recurring payments

  • No one else has your banking information

  • Need help setting up recurring payments? Call toll-free 1-888-734-4567


3. Credit Card: Go to and click Make Association Payment followed by the Credit Card Payment option. Fees Apply!

4. Online Banking: If you choose this method of payment, you must instruct your bank to send the payment to the PO Box number/address found on the coupon portion of the statement. No computer or on-line access? – Visit your own bank to set up a bank-to-bank recurring E-check.

We consider Method #4 option to be the most difficult to process. There is a lack of consistency from bank-to-bank in processing online payments for account holders; therefore, it often causes delays in posting payments. These delays may cause late fees to be charged to homeowners.

Kenrick Corporation
3495 Winton Place – Bldg. D-4, Rochester, NY 14623

phone: 585-424-1540

Fax: 585-424-1553

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